Looking for a space to fit in

Looking for a space to fit in Typical day, racing thoughts. Why am I not enough? I keep reminiscing to a negative state of mind. Oh, it's familiar. I've been there plenty.As soon as I feel inspired, the enemy reminds me of my faults.It's me. I'm the enemy. I do it to myself.I keep thinking … Continue reading Looking for a space to fit in

The nights before morning

The nights before morning are always a mystery. Unfortunately a good day doesn't always call for a good night. On the other hand, a single good day could be a hint to achieving a good life. Life is a mystery and you never know what a 24/hour day will bring. Life has the tendency to press our inner spirit. We … Continue reading The nights before morning

14 reasons being single in your 20’s is OK

Think back to a day or a specific time you were minding your own business, enjoying a sunny afternoon, feeling good and loving life. Now let me guess…this particular day was going SO well, you decided to run some errands. Hell, why not? Life is great! Now, if you can’t recall a time you have … Continue reading 14 reasons being single in your 20’s is OK