The nights before morning

The nights before morning are always a mystery. Unfortunately a good day doesn't always call for a good night. On the other hand, a single good day could be a hint to achieving a good life. Life is a mystery and you never know what a 24/hour day will bring. Life has the tendency to press our inner spirit. We … Continue reading The nights before morning

Shredded paper

I found my old diary yesterday while taking part in some spring cleaning. See, I am getting ready to move in with my love and I have a lot to do. His place isn't all that big, but I love how he makes the most out of a small space. Everything in his house is … Continue reading Shredded paper

Another day in paradise

Currently away in paradise right now, one thousand miles away from home; but yet I am home. I am resting my head under a roof that belongs to the keeper of many of my childhood father. It's a new life here for him, it's a life he has adjusted to over the last few … Continue reading Another day in paradise

8 bizarre thoughts I believed as a young child 

Featured Image Credit I wanted to share some of the non realistic and unbelievable ideas I used to think when I was a little girl. Our minds have the tendency to manipulate situations and ideas into a completely foolish expectation and it's actually really entertaining to reminisce on some of the stuff I used to … Continue reading 8 bizarre thoughts I believed as a young child 

A long road ahead

The busy lives we live are approached day by day, and little do we acknowledge the worst case scenerio we may uncontrollably encounter at any given time. We all get into our cars, and we drive whatever road we have to take to get to where we are going--to essentially "check-off" another item on our … Continue reading A long road ahead

To love her…

I said: Take your time with me. Show me who you are and what you can do. Display your affection, your admiration, your respects...and demonstrate to me the early love you feel. It's only just the beginning. Show me what you know and...don't rush; take your time.  Under sudden circumstances, opportunity has come and introduced … Continue reading To love her…

Usual thoughts of a tyro blogger

As a beginner at blogging, I want nothing more than a supportive community and good quality feedback. I appreciate all the comments, and the stories people write in response to the content I post. I really enjoy connecting to all of you, and I truly try my best to stay in touch with everyone. I … Continue reading Usual thoughts of a tyro blogger

Be your own kind of beautiful

  What do you see when you look in the mirror? Does your reflection smile back at you with ease, or are you lost in your own contemplation? The way we see ourselves correlates to the way others see us…better known as perception. If we are unhappy or unaccepting with ourselves, we typically tend to … Continue reading Be your own kind of beautiful

The thought of lovin’ you makes me sick

Here we go, another chance at love. Isn't is what we all strive to find in this life? Discovering love with another human soul and connecting to them on a physical and mental level. Sounds like the exact objective I'm aiming for at the moment. Realistically, I think about love every day. But how come... when the chance or opportunity comes, … Continue reading The thought of lovin’ you makes me sick

Re-Occurring Dreams

Isn’t sleeping a great and magnificent thing? It puts us in a vulnerable state of mind, and (temporarily) alleviates the emotional pain and chaos some of us experience in our lives. Most days I wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized—embracing positive thought and forming several mental images of previous day events as well as present … Continue reading Re-Occurring Dreams