Mountain top proposal

June 17, 2021 was the day my wonderful boyfriend of four years, Morgan, finally asked me to be his bride. The day was so unexpected. We were in Upstate, NY planning to spend most of the day outside. We visited his grandmother at her home and looked at all the pretty red/pink roses in her … Continue reading Mountain top proposal

Do you remember how your first home made you feel?

Laughter, happiness, sadness...anger. Our first home is filled with any and all emotions you can think of. If you can only imagine the thoughts I had the first time I saw our first home. It was like excitement mixed with distress. We were ready to take on the world with our own address. But little … Continue reading Do you remember how your first home made you feel?

Why do we focus on our flaws so much?

Today, I accidentally woke up early. Now that I think about it, I remember having a terrible nightmare about a rapid shooting happening in my old high school cafeteria. This kind of dream is out of the ordinary for me. My employer has been "training" us how to survive a workplace shooting so I suppose … Continue reading Why do we focus on our flaws so much?

One vice and two hearts

Left to right, right to left...She shakes her head. Agony, pain, confusion; happy, numb, lucid. Her eyes, her bloodshot eyes are tired. She feels personally conflicted between self control and losing her greatest mind. Two hearts are leading the way, though his beats faster some days. Scary enough, one day is enough to slow down … Continue reading One vice and two hearts

Gravity is a b!tch

One of my favorite country star artists, Miranda Lambert, has a song called Gravity is a bitch. Her lyrics are phenomenal, they outline exactly what it's like to get older. Gravity on earth plays a lot of different roles. It keeps our bodies standing upright on the ground, it usually returns any object down when … Continue reading Gravity is a b!tch

Mama, what should I write about?

I started this blog with so many ideas in mind to write about: life, happiness, relationships, friendships...the list could go on. I accomplished mostly all of the topics I wanted to cover so now I am starting to wonder what else to write about. Guess you could say I'm going through a writer's blo(g)ck. Heh--See what I did … Continue reading Mama, what should I write about?

Re-Occurring Dreams

Isn’t sleeping a great and magnificent thing? It puts us in a vulnerable state of mind, and (temporarily) alleviates the emotional pain and chaos some of us experience in our lives. Most days I wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized—embracing positive thought and forming several mental images of previous day events as well as present … Continue reading Re-Occurring Dreams

Dear 30 Year Old Me

I wonder about you a lot. Are you happy? Have you found the love of your life? Have you forgotten about the man you said you never would, seven years ago? You know, the big blue Chevy driving hunk, who couldn't take his eyes off you. The one that let you slip away...without  you having … Continue reading Dear 30 Year Old Me

Here’s to you: The Bad Boy, The Drug Addict, & The Father

Throughout our lives we establish many relationships with many different kinds of people.  We have our family, friends, the lovers, the college roommates, our work ‘friends’, and the others who just don’t quite make it into a classification. The sad part is, the relationships we build or have built are fickle. It isn’t promised that the people in … Continue reading Here’s to you: The Bad Boy, The Drug Addict, & The Father