Mountain top proposal

June 17, 2021 was the day my wonderful boyfriend of four years, Morgan, finally asked me to be his bride. The day was so unexpected. We were in Upstate, NY planning to spend most of the day outside. We visited his grandmother at her home and looked at all the pretty red/pink roses in her … Continue reading Mountain top proposal

Traumatic Events Remain Traumatic PART 1 (Trigger Warning)

Warning! This blog post is going to be very raw. And honest. Please refrain from commenting your opinion. I have taken my circumstance under serious thought, and I am in no way proud of the person I am about to share with you. I am writing this to vent, and hopefully find peace with my … Continue reading Traumatic Events Remain Traumatic PART 1 (Trigger Warning)

Looking for a space to fit in

Looking for a space to fit in Typical day, racing thoughts. Why am I not enough? I keep reminiscing to a negative state of mind. Oh, it's familiar. I've been there plenty.As soon as I feel inspired, the enemy reminds me of my faults.It's me. I'm the enemy. I do it to myself.I keep thinking … Continue reading Looking for a space to fit in

I went to an ex’s funeral…and here’s how it went

Let me be clear. Notice I didn't say "My" ex's funeral? The funeral I went to was for my BOYFRIEND's ex-girlfriend. I know, I know. This is a very awkward statement, let alone being at the actual funeral. But- all funerals are awkward, aren't they? You never really know how to act. You get to … Continue reading I went to an ex’s funeral…and here’s how it went

Ghosting a Loved One

What is "Ghosting"? My personal uncensored definition of "Ghosting" is leaving someone in the dark, or, never speaking to someone again, without a verbal reason why. Sounds fucked up, doesn't it? It is, and to be honest, I hate being ghosted. In some cases, it can be heartbreaking. Regretfully, I've ghosted three people on the … Continue reading Ghosting a Loved One

How Does A Man Love His Woman?

It makes you wonder, doesn't it? I mean, let's be honest. If you're a heterosexual woman, don't you sometimes wonder how a man would treat a woman he truly loves? I guess you never really know until you realize what you have, while you have it. My relationship is almost perfect. I say almost, because … Continue reading How Does A Man Love His Woman?

It’s over, so get over it.

How painful it is to reminisce on old times and memories, full of laughter and life, secrets and fun. To have cherished something so special, for a single moment, only to realize it's I really need to get over it. This isn't about a lover; it's about friends. I miss them with my whole … Continue reading It’s over, so get over it.

Just let it go

Is it just me, or do you ever notice some of your night worries tend to fade away in the morning? For me, the thoughts I encounter at night time are usually ransom, and are usually negative. They also usually escape my head by morning. I call these thoughts intruders. These are the thoughts that … Continue reading Just let it go

Mental Health: The good in bad implicit memories

I started seeing a therapist in November of 2019. Fortunately, I found a really good therapist. One that I instantly connected with. Earlier in 2019, I was seeing another therapist--who was a woman, but I didn't gain anything from her at all. Granted, I only saw her twice, but I just didn't obtain anything from … Continue reading Mental Health: The good in bad implicit memories

Love doesn’t Quit; You do.

Today is a rainy day; no sun in sight. I'm at work, thinking about my life's greatest qualities... A stable job, plenty of money. A nice house, plenty of space. A reliable partner, full of love. Pets, loyal and happy. Family, loving and constant. Sadly one quality shatters, almost all of the others are affected. … Continue reading Love doesn’t Quit; You do.