Finding a balance

Maybe I just need to write. Maybe the best medicine is to simply unleash all of the undying ramblings and transcend the burden unto someone else.  Attempt to find balance with someone else, on behalf of my own thoughts written somewhere. Why keep the perpetuating mental agony at bay, when there's always a peak of curiousity to find… Continue reading Finding a balance

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder…sometimes

Think for a minute the type of person you are typically attracted to. Do they usually carry all of the traits you look for/want in a partner; or do you find yourself settling? Someone much wiser than I am once said to me: it's ok to "settle" to some extent in your long as you like… Continue reading Distance makes the heart grow fonder…sometimes

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Another day in paradise

Currently away in paradise right now, one thousand miles away from home; but yet I am home. I am resting my head under a roof that belongs to the keeper of many of my childhood father. It's a new life here for him, it's a life he has adjusted to over the last few… Continue reading Another day in paradise


Shameful admittance of flaws

Ahh... another weekend is quickly coming to an end, and most of us are probably already thinking about next weekend's excursions. I am sitting here reflecting on the past couple of days I spent with a special someone and the visuals are still pretty clear. Replaying all the endless and raw conversations, still able to… Continue reading Shameful admittance of flaws


How love suddenly disappears

I spent hours tossing and turning, glancing over at your side of the bed to see if you were awake. You were. I felt the space between us, I knew something wasn't right. I could literally feel the distance between us, as if our hearts were pulling away from each other. I pretended to be asleep, and… Continue reading How love suddenly disappears


8 bizarre thoughts I believed as a young child 

Featured Image Credit I wanted to share some of the non realistic and unbelievable ideas I used to think when I was a little girl. Our minds have the tendency to manipulate situations and ideas into a completely foolish expectation and it's actually really entertaining to reminisce on some of the stuff I used to… Continue reading 8 bizarre thoughts I believed as a young child 


Russian Roulette with the Heart

There you are, right there. Sitting down, looking over at him. Wondering about this imagined life between you and him. You see a home sitting on acres of clean cut green grass, there's a pool with crystal clean water with a diving board surrounded by trees with fall-colored leaves, you see kids running around with an… Continue reading Russian Roulette with the Heart


A long road ahead

The busy lives we live are approached day by day, and little do we acknowledge the worst case scenerio we may uncontrollably encounter at any given time. We all get into our cars, and we drive whatever road we have to take to get to where we are going--to essentially "check-off" another item on our… Continue reading A long road ahead

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To love her…

I said: Take your time with me. Show me who you are and what you can do. Display your affection, your admiration, your respects...and demonstrate to me the early love you feel. It's only just the beginning. Show me what you know and...don't rush; take your time.  Under sudden circumstances, opportunity has come and introduced… Continue reading To love her…


The art of closure

It's a beautiful thing, really. To be able to fall asleep easy; to not wallow in our own self pity just hours before we fall fast asleep. Most of us make great efforts to reach closure. To find it. To discover happiness, freedom, and peace. But what if we can't-- what if our ability to… Continue reading The art of closure


Blogger recognition rewards: Blogger responds

I know there are rules to follow when being honored an award and I may be breaking them right now and I am sorry.  I feel like the proper blogging etiquette is to respond in a reasonable timely manner when granted an award by a loyal follower. The truth is, I am late responding to… Continue reading Blogger recognition rewards: Blogger responds

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Keeper of the flame

I'm writing this for myself, and for those who are going through a difficult time period in their life. I'm going to start this off with a suggestion- Wake up tomorrow on the "good side" of the bed and make an effort to accomplish something by the end of the day. It doesn't matter how big, or… Continue reading Keeper of the flame

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The girl in the mirror isn’t me

This image...this reflection...this person. She isn't who I see in my head. Who I see in my head is someone much different and much uglier, and completely mismatches what I see in the reflective oval. How well can you visualize yourself in your mind? Do you see your distinctive features as clearly as you see them in the mirror? Do you see your… Continue reading The girl in the mirror isn’t me


Usual thoughts of a tyro blogger

As a beginner at blogging, I want nothing more than a supportive community and good quality feedback. I appreciate all the comments, and the stories people write in response to the content I post. I really enjoy connecting to all of you, and I truly try my best to stay in touch with everyone. I… Continue reading Usual thoughts of a tyro blogger

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Teachers or parents: Who do we count on?

I distinctly remember several of my school teachers smelling like crisp coffee bean and I could never forget reaching for the mints, made by Life Savers, sitting in a round and white porcelain bowl on their desk top. The way they all dressed: shirt tucked into a pair of sleek slacks, blouse puffed out just enough to look comfortable. Black belt strap, with a shiny metallic belt buckle. The… Continue reading Teachers or parents: Who do we count on?