Looking for a space to fit in

Looking for a space to fit in Typical day, racing thoughts. Why am I not enough? I keep reminiscing to a negative state of mind. Oh, it's familiar. I've been there plenty.As soon as I feel inspired, the enemy reminds me of my faults.It's me. I'm the enemy. I do it to myself.I keep thinking … Continue reading Looking for a space to fit in

Pobody’s Nerfect…stop beating yourself up!

You read that right. Pobody's Nerfect. Or... Nobody's Perfect, rather. You are not perfect. I am not perfect. All of us probably have a list of things we dislike about ourselves...and maybe you personally blame yourself for why certain people don't like you. But you shouldn't do that. You are who you are for a reason. … Continue reading Pobody’s Nerfect…stop beating yourself up!

To love her…

I said: Take your time with me. Show me who you are and what you can do. Display your affection, your admiration, your respects...and demonstrate to me the early love you feel. It's only just the beginning. Show me what you know and...don't rush; take your time.  Under sudden circumstances, opportunity has come and introduced … Continue reading To love her…

Anxiety Wins

After walking into the apartment building, I head up the stairs to the third floor. My dog is with me. I just got done taking him for a walk. There are a couple paths I can take once I get up to the 3rd floor. The moment after I caught a glimpse of you and … Continue reading Anxiety Wins