Oh, happy day!

The day is slowly blooming, and my mood is uplifting! It's a beautiful day today. Enough sun to birth a sunflower, chirping birds, and swaying trees. The best thing about these types of days is opening the windows and feeling the breeze. The day is what you make it. Cliche as it sounds, staying positive … Continue reading Oh, happy day!

16 things you probably haven’t thought about

This entire week I have been contemplating cleaning my entire house top to bottom. Why? Well, because I don't like living in filth, even my own! Normally I vacuum, wipe down counters, and mop. But this time I want to take it to a whole new level. I want to clean items in my household … Continue reading 16 things you probably haven’t thought about

Another day in paradise

Currently away in paradise right now, one thousand miles away from home; but yet I am home. I am resting my head under a roof that belongs to the keeper of many of my childhood memories...my father. It's a new life here for him, it's a life he has adjusted to over the last few … Continue reading Another day in paradise

Do it yourself: Thrifty Summer Shorts – Pictures Included!

Hallelujah it's that time again! Summer has officially arrived👙👒🦋🐬🌺🌊. Which means it's getting hotter 🌞 and we need to find ways to stay cooler. Besides chugging several water bottles down in an attempt to stay cool, how about we focus on the main article of clothing we typically wear during this season? Shorts! I wanted … Continue reading Do it yourself: Thrifty Summer Shorts – Pictures Included!