Mountain top proposal

June 17, 2021 was the day my wonderful boyfriend of four years, Morgan, finally asked me to be his bride.

The day was so unexpected. We were in Upstate, NY planning to spend most of the day outside. We visited his grandmother at her home and looked at all the pretty red/pink roses in her garden. After about an hour of random chatters, we decided to walk up the nearby mountain. It was a familiar activity- to walk up this mountain. His grandmother likes to stay active so she is no beginner to hiking. Morgan and I have hiked up this mountain previously. Walking up to Mt. Belfry is a short trek, it’s just under a mile. It goes by so quickly! Especially when there’s three of us chatting away!

Once we reached the top, we enjoyed the enormous mountain view across the horizon. Our eyes gazed left to right, scanning every aspect of the land beneath us. Smiling, and appreciating life and it’s glory. It was a stunning moment.

About 10 minutes after we reached the top of the mountain, we decided to walk up the Fire Tower. Again, we have done this before. Except this time, I was a little nervous to climb the top. The first time I ever climbed this tower with Morgan was in 2017 and I was so excited to get to the top! I guess four years changes ya! I was very anxious to reach the top this time! Morgan helped me along the way.

Once we both stepped foot on the top of the tower, once again we enjoyed the gorgeous view of the Adirondack mountains including parts of Lake Champlain. Within a minute Morgan was on his knee and I gasped. “Will you Marry me?” “YES!” It happened so quickly. We were both so ecstatic! We hugged, and kissed, and enjoyed each other in that precious moment. I’ll never forget his eyes sparkle when he asked me that question.

His grandmother was in on the whole thing. No wonder she didn’t climb up the tower with us!

Now, it’s October 11. I have been planning every piece of my wedding with little to no human-help. I’d like to document the important things along the way.

Love is coming.


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