Mountain top proposal

June 17, 2021 was the day my wonderful boyfriend of four years, Morgan, finally asked me to be his bride. The day was so unexpected. We were in Upstate, NY planning to spend most of the day outside. We visited his grandmother at her home and looked at all the pretty red/pink roses in her … Continue reading Mountain top proposal

You just have to remember one thing…

Not everyone has the same heart as you. I've learned this lesson a few years ago. No matter what you do for someone, no matter how soft you touch someone's heart, you can never expect to receive the same treatment. If you feel like you're swimming oceans for people who wouldn't swim a lake for … Continue reading You just have to remember one thing…

Do you remember how your first home made you feel?

Laughter, happiness, sadness...anger. Our first home is filled with any and all emotions you can think of. If you can only imagine the thoughts I had the first time I saw our first home. It was like excitement mixed with distress. We were ready to take on the world with our own address. But little … Continue reading Do you remember how your first home made you feel?

Gravity is a b!tch

One of my favorite country star artists, Miranda Lambert, has a song called Gravity is a bitch. Her lyrics are phenomenal, they outline exactly what it's like to get older. Gravity on earth plays a lot of different roles. It keeps our bodies standing upright on the ground, it usually returns any object down when … Continue reading Gravity is a b!tch

Life & the balance of imperfectness

Imperfect, not. Swing your hair back and forth and smile. How do you think about your life? Pure and simple as it is, life doesn’t think about us the way we want. If it did, all living things would be perfect. Obvious enough, life alone is imperfectly perfect. It is defined as a continuous movement … Continue reading Life & the balance of imperfectness

A long road ahead

The busy lives we live are approached day by day, and little do we acknowledge the worst case scenerio we may uncontrollably encounter at any given time. We all get into our cars, and we drive whatever road we have to take to get to where we are going--to essentially "check-off" another item on our … Continue reading A long road ahead

The girl in the mirror isn’t me

This image...this reflection...this person. She isn't who I see in my head. Who I see in my head is someone much different and much uglier, and completely mismatches what I see in the reflective oval. How well can you visualize yourself in your mind? Do you see your distinctive features as clearly as you see them in the mirror? Do you see your … Continue reading The girl in the mirror isn’t me

Teachers or parents: Who do we count on?

I distinctly remember several of my school teachers smelling like crisp coffee bean and I could never forget reaching for the mints, made by Life Savers, sitting in a round and white porcelain bowl on their desk top. The way they all dressed: shirt tucked into a pair of sleek slacks, blouse puffed out just enough to look comfortable. Black belt strap, with a shiny metallic belt buckle. The … Continue reading Teachers or parents: Who do we count on?

Life Lessons and Wisdom

We all learn something new everyday, right? Whether it be in the workplace, at school, at a friend's house, or in the comfort of our own home: we all learn something new every day. Aside from the obvious fact, I wonder, how often do we take the time to reflect on all the things we've … Continue reading Life Lessons and Wisdom

Birth Control and Grandma 

Saturday evening spent well in Atlantic City, NJ at the casino. I'm here visiting my grandma, watching her gamble.  She has no problem spending money to gamble. And neither do I. She lives well and she has self control. The bright side is her loyal patronage pays off when the luxurious hotel rewards her with … Continue reading Birth Control and Grandma