A friend

A friend is your sister, your brother, your other half. A friend is someone you choose to laugh with, someone you choose to call in the early mornings or latest of nights to talk about exciting and maybe taboo topics. You trust her with everything and anything, and you swear on your own life you would be there for her if she ever needed anything. You expect the same values and attitudes from a friend of which you give to them. A friend is closer than an enemy, and opposite from hurt. Yet sometimes, a friend hurts you like an enemy. Or maybe…we hurt them.

I turned to you for sympathy, honesty, and forgiveness. I tried to keep our friendly spirit alive, and ease all the pain from the ugly past. This wasn’t easy and we failed. I failed.

I need a friend. I need a friend to turn to when I feel down. I need a friend who needs a friend. I need a second chance at finding a life long friend. It could be decades before I meet a friend again. A true friend. Why is she so hard to find? And when I find it, we either fuck it up, or it fucks us up. I need my friend again. But I don’t think she needs me.

3 thoughts on “A friend

  1. Hah! Friendship is my topic for this week, too. My husband and I used it as the subject for our pre-school Sunday School lesson this morning. I wrote about it in my journal this week. It’s been on my heart … and then Claudia (God bless the Goddess) introduced your blog to me. No coincidence. I’m here – a new friend indeed. And I am not one to “fuck things up!” Visit me at JanBeek. 👍🏽🤗 🤗 hugs!

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    1. Hi there! Did I help in any way? “A friend” was written in effort to convince myself that I will find “a friend” one day again- and no matter what happened in the past with “a friend” will not set a precedent for obtaining future friends. I’ve grown tremendously from this posting, and I truly believe writing it helped with letting this part of my past go. Anyhoo,. Thanks for stopping by. Would love to know what your lesson is on friendship.

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