Who would write a letter to me?

Isn’t it true, that growing up, we were always told to “write our feelings down” instead of keeping things bottled up?


All of us have dark thoughts. We all get into the sunk-in feeling funk depression every once in a while, and while some of us let our thoughts deteriorate our soul; others, like myself, like to write our feelings out.

I find myself writing people a lot of letters. Because, I don’t have the courage to talk face-to-face sometimes. Mainly due to the scary thought of rejection or misunderstanding. Writing is a safe and free-from-hurt form of communication because interruption or arguments are unlikely to occur.


I write my letters with a purpose. Which is, to forgive myself instead of looking for forgiveness. I’ve hurt a lot people in my world and I know I am hurting people in my world. I write to the people I’ve hurt and continue on with trying to be better next time. The opposite is also true. Many people have hurt me, and many people are hurting me. I wonder, are there any letters out there addressed to me?




10 thoughts on “Who would write a letter to me?

  1. I generally tend to write letters in frustration and end up tearing them once i get back to normal dreading the consequences if they are actually read..😁

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  2. Blogging becomes letter writing to those you don’t want to confront eye to eye. And while texting and emails are wonderful ways to communicate, they are only two dimensional, and can be misinterpreted in a heartbeat. Letters are things of the past, although I still write one one in a while just to feel the pen on paper.

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  3. I loved this. I use this blog as kind of my letter to myself. It gets it all out there but I took me a long time to get here, I have a notebook full of “dear…” letters telling people how I felt or letting out my thoughts, but they always remained hidden💗

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    1. I understand completely haha sometimes I do want to be confrontational, but then another part of me is like..nah, just write it down lol 😆 do you share your blog posts with your friends?


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