Dunkin Donuts takes all my money


Here’s to another great day and another dollar (or two) spent.

I always start my days with an Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I spend way too much money on Coffee in general. After doing the math, I spend nearly $1,000 a year at Dunkin Donuts. Give or take.

I tell myself every single day “Okay Jessica, no more coffee. You can make it yourself at home. No need to spend money on coffee anymore”

Tomorrow comes, and the first thing I think about is Iced Coffee! The smooth creamy; yet bold and rich taste of freshly brewed coffee takes precedence over the thought of saving $2.50 that day. Or otherwise, $1,000 a year! An even better thought too: I don’t have to make it myself.

Ah, the struggle.

Do you have something you’re guilty of spending way too much money on?

Please share!

18 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts takes all my money

    1. Hahahaha DD over Starbucks anyday! I know that’s right. I do enjoy starbucks, though. But they are unreasonably over priced. And for what? Because of the green mermaid on their cup??? LOL. Thanks for commenting your thoughts. I will be checking out your blog this evening.

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  1. I used to spend $2.00 on coffee every single day. Then my parents bought me a Keurig for Christmas and now I buy the KCups from Walmart. My favorites are the French Vanilla flavors from McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts


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        And Sorry to Disturb,But pls if you help me in this case.


  2. I spend way too much money on buying random things on amazon. I feel guilty. But I feel good too. Whenever I see a sale it just makes me feel gratified to buy something. I guess that is why they advertise sales so you don’t feel guilty of buying. 🙂 😉

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