Just let it go

Is it just me, or do you ever notice some of your night worries tend to fade away in the morning? For me, the thoughts I encounter at night time are usually ransom, and are usually negative. They also usually escape my head by morning. I call these thoughts intruders. These are the thoughts that … Continue reading Just let it go

Mental Health: The good in bad implicit memories

I started seeing a therapist in November of 2019. Fortunately, I found a really good therapist. One that I instantly connected with. Earlier in 2019, I was seeing another therapist--who was a woman, but I didn't gain anything from her at all. Granted, I only saw her twice, but I just didn't obtain anything from … Continue reading Mental Health: The good in bad implicit memories

Love doesn’t Quit; You do.

Today is a rainy day; no sun in sight. I'm at work, thinking about my life's greatest qualities... A stable job, plenty of money. A nice house, plenty of space. A reliable partner, full of love. Pets, loyal and happy. Family, loving and constant. Sadly one quality shatters, almost all of the others are affected. … Continue reading Love doesn’t Quit; You do.

Oh, happy day!

The day is slowly blooming, and my mood is uplifting! It's a beautiful day today. Enough sun to birth a sunflower, chirping birds, and swaying trees. The best thing about these types of days is opening the windows and feeling the breeze. The day is what you make it. Cliche as it sounds, staying positive … Continue reading Oh, happy day!

I see you

I see you. I see everything you are going through. All the sleepless nights, endless worries, and hard work you put yourself through will pay off. I see you for everything that you are. You are smart, determined, ambitious and hardworking. Your heart is tired but your mind has a mission to achieve something; something … Continue reading I see you

Teachers or parents: Who do we count on?

I distinctly remember several of my school teachers smelling like crisp coffee bean and I could never forget reaching for the mints, made by Life Savers, sitting in a round and white porcelain bowl on their desk top. The way they all dressed: shirt tucked into a pair of sleek slacks, blouse puffed out just enough to look comfortable. Black belt strap, with a shiny metallic belt buckle. The … Continue reading Teachers or parents: Who do we count on?