Finding a balance

Maybe I just need to write. Maybe the best medicine is to simply unleash all of the undying ramblings and transcend the burden unto someone else.  Attempt to find balance with someone else, on behalf of my own thoughts written somewhere. Why keep the perpetuating mental agony at bay, when there's always a peak of curiousity to find … Continue reading Finding a balance

Dear 30 Year Old Me

I wonder about you a lot. Are you happy? Have you found the love of your life? Have you forgotten about the man you said you never would, seven years ago? You know, the big blue Chevy driving hunk, who couldn't take his eyes off you. The one that let you slip away...without  you having … Continue reading Dear 30 Year Old Me

Rainy days are sunny days

There's something about the sound of the tiny droplets hitting the tree leaves on the way down to the ground. Or Listening to the rain smacking the downspouts outside. It enables me to ignore the chaos in my hectic mind, and reflect on the peace I've been trying so hard to find. Strangely I see … Continue reading Rainy days are sunny days