Why do we focus on our flaws so much?

Today, I accidentally woke up early. Now that I think about it, I remember having a terrible nightmare about a rapid shooting happening in my old high school cafeteria. This kind of dream is out of the ordinary for me. My employer has been "training" us how to survive a workplace shooting so I suppose … Continue reading Why do we focus on our flaws so much?

Shameful admittance of flaws

Ahh... another weekend is quickly coming to an end, and most of us are probably already thinking about next weekend's excursions. I am sitting here reflecting on the past couple of days I spent with a special someone and the visuals are still pretty clear. Replaying all the endless and raw conversations, still able to … Continue reading Shameful admittance of flaws

To love her…

I said: Take your time with me. Show me who you are and what you can do. Display your affection, your admiration, your respects...and demonstrate to me the early love you feel. It's only just the beginning. Show me what you know and...don't rush; take your time.  Under sudden circumstances, opportunity has come and introduced … Continue reading To love her…

The girl in the mirror isn’t me

This image...this reflection...this person. She isn't who I see in my head. Who I see in my head is someone much different and much uglier, and completely mismatches what I see in the reflective oval. How well can you visualize yourself in your mind? Do you see your distinctive features as clearly as you see them in the mirror? Do you see your … Continue reading The girl in the mirror isn’t me