Here’s an idea…

Have you ever found yourself thinking of all sorts of ideas moments before you fall asleep? Such as what you're going to cook for dinner tomorrow, or a text message you need to send in the morning, and maybe that little voice in your head whispered to you about not forgetting to take the hamburger … Continue reading Here’s an idea…

A writer’s mind

At some point it hits all of us—writer’s block. Most days I find myself gazing into thin air, intensely. Thinking of the many topics to write about. Love, hate, infatuation? Family, friendship, trust? Topics like these are common, and it would be an understatement to say these topics are boring; because they aren’t. In fact, … Continue reading A writer’s mind

Finding a balance

Maybe I just need to write. Maybe the best medicine is to simply unleash all of the undying ramblings and transcend the burden unto someone else.  Attempt to find balance with someone else, on behalf of my own thoughts written somewhere. Why keep the perpetuating mental agony at bay, when there's always a peak of curiousity to find … Continue reading Finding a balance

Blogger recognition rewards: Blogger responds

I know there are rules to follow when being honored an award and I may be breaking them right now and I am sorry.  I feel like the proper blogging etiquette is to respond in a reasonable timely manner when granted an award by a loyal follower. The truth is, I am late responding to … Continue reading Blogger recognition rewards: Blogger responds

Usual thoughts of a tyro blogger

As a beginner at blogging, I want nothing more than a supportive community and good quality feedback. I appreciate all the comments, and the stories people write in response to the content I post. I really enjoy connecting to all of you, and I truly try my best to stay in touch with everyone. I … Continue reading Usual thoughts of a tyro blogger