A Woman’s Simple Freedom to be Beautiful

If you are a woman, then you should consider yourself charmed. I believe 99.9% of woman, myself included, are beautiful human beings, inside and out, flaws and all. We are strong willed, naturally personable, charming, and downright indestructible. If you don't agree with me, you probably haven't figured this out about yourself yet, or maybe you're … Continue reading A Woman’s Simple Freedom to be Beautiful

Oh, happy day!

The day is slowly blooming, and my mood is uplifting! It's a beautiful day today. Enough sun to birth a sunflower, chirping birds, and swaying trees. The best thing about these types of days is opening the windows and feeling the breeze. The day is what you make it. Cliche as it sounds, staying positive … Continue reading Oh, happy day!

Life & the balance of imperfectness

Imperfect, not. Swing your hair back and forth and smile. How do you think about your life? Pure and simple as it is, life doesn’t think about us the way we want. If it did, all living things would be perfect. Obvious enough, life alone is imperfectly perfect. It is defined as a continuous movement … Continue reading Life & the balance of imperfectness

The art of closure

It's a beautiful thing, really. To be able to fall asleep easy; to not wallow in our own self pity just hours before we fall fast asleep. Most of us make great efforts to reach closure. To find it. To discover happiness, freedom, and peace. But what if we can't-- what if our ability to … Continue reading The art of closure

The girl in the mirror isn’t me

This image...this reflection...this person. She isn't who I see in my head. Who I see in my head is someone much different and much uglier, and completely mismatches what I see in the reflective oval. How well can you visualize yourself in your mind? Do you see your distinctive features as clearly as you see them in the mirror? Do you see your … Continue reading The girl in the mirror isn’t me

Be your own kind of beautiful

  What do you see when you look in the mirror? Does your reflection smile back at you with ease, or are you lost in your own contemplation? The way we see ourselves correlates to the way others see us…better known as perception. If we are unhappy or unaccepting with ourselves, we typically tend to … Continue reading Be your own kind of beautiful