Love doesn’t Quit; You do.

Today is a rainy day; no sun in sight. I'm at work, thinking about my life's greatest qualities... A stable job, plenty of money. A nice house, plenty of space. A reliable partner, full of love. Pets, loyal and happy. Family, loving and constant. Sadly one quality shatters, almost all of the others are affected. … Continue reading Love doesn’t Quit; You do.

Another day in paradise

Currently away in paradise right now, one thousand miles away from home; but yet I am home. I am resting my head under a roof that belongs to the keeper of many of my childhood father. It's a new life here for him, it's a life he has adjusted to over the last few … Continue reading Another day in paradise

Be your own kind of beautiful

  What do you see when you look in the mirror? Does your reflection smile back at you with ease, or are you lost in your own contemplation? The way we see ourselves correlates to the way others see us…better known as perception. If we are unhappy or unaccepting with ourselves, we typically tend to … Continue reading Be your own kind of beautiful

Why losing friendships means finding yourself 

I’d like to go back to the day before my 23rd birthday. May 27, 2017. The day before everything changed. The day before I realized my own friends were holding me back from being my true self. They say that who you associate with is a reflection of yourself. Hence why we have so much … Continue reading Why losing friendships means finding yourself