Life & the balance of imperfectness

Imperfect, not. Swing your hair back and forth and smile. How do you think about your life? Pure and simple as it is, life doesn’t think about us the way we want. If it did, all living things would be perfect. Obvious enough, life alone is imperfectly perfect. It is defined as a continuous movement … Continue reading Life & the balance of imperfectness

Forgiving me, constantly.

Have you ever found yourself reminiscing about a good time with someone who is in your average, everyday life, and then suddenly - BAM! It hits you out of nowhere. You inevitably think about a bad moment with them? Picture it more as an instant flashback memory of this person; not a recurring argument situation. I … Continue reading Forgiving me, constantly.

Who would write a letter to me?

Isn't it true, that growing up, we were always told to "write our feelings down" instead of keeping things bottled up?   All of us have dark thoughts. We all get into the sunk-in feeling funk depression every once in a while, and while some of us let our thoughts deteriorate our soul; others, like … Continue reading Who would write a letter to me?

A friend

A friend is your sister, your brother, your other half. A friend is someone you choose to laugh with, someone you choose to call in the early mornings or latest of nights to talk about exciting and maybe taboo topics. You trust her with everything and anything, and you swear on your own life you would be there for … Continue reading A friend

He loves me but I’m selfish

Who wants to deal with a selfish person? A mean, obnoxious, and sometimes repulsive person. That's who I am sometimes. I am all of these things and I have no problem admitting this. Surprisingly not, I proudly hold much higher characteristics that denote warmth and affection. Does he see more of the brighter side of … Continue reading He loves me but I’m selfish

The blogpost you haven’t seen before

I know, I know, we've all seen this before. I just can't stop thinking about how I want to get back on track with the way things were. Allow me to vent my reoccurring thoughts for the new year, 2018. As I reflect on the past year, I've gained a lot of wisdom, friends, love, … Continue reading The blogpost you haven’t seen before

Something to look back on

January was cold, bitter, restless and confusing. Two incompatible lovers went their separate ways; yet found themselves together again later on...only to split up again. February was lonely, short and kind of boring. He came back...with a rose. March was bitter-sweet; because I was on my way out of an old job and into a stable career! April was inviting … Continue reading Something to look back on

Finding a balance

Maybe I just need to write. Maybe the best medicine is to simply unleash all of the undying ramblings and transcend the burden unto someone else.  Attempt to find balance with someone else, on behalf of my own thoughts written somewhere. Why keep the perpetuating mental agony at bay, when there's always a peak of curiousity to find … Continue reading Finding a balance

Distance makes the heart grow fonder…sometimes

Think for a minute the type of person you are typically attracted to. Do they usually carry all of the traits you look for/want in a partner; or do you find yourself settling? Someone much wiser than I am once said to me: it's ok to "settle" to some extent in your long as you like … Continue reading Distance makes the heart grow fonder…sometimes