Ghosting a Loved One

What is “Ghosting”?

My personal uncensored definition of “Ghosting” is leaving someone in the dark, or, never speaking to someone again, without a verbal reason why.

Sounds fucked up, doesn’t it?

It is, and to be honest, I hate being ghosted. In some cases, it can be heartbreaking.

Regretfully, I’ve ghosted three people on the same exact day.

I regret not speaking up for myself, and working through a problem; instead I shut down, and I ran away from an issue rather than tackling it. Ever since that day, the people I’ve ghosted haven’t said a word to me. In fact, they never chased me for an answer. It makes me wonder if I wanted to be chased, and maybe that’s why I ghosted?

I believe most of us like to feel wanted. Doesn’t it make us feel like we’re worthy when someone chases us (emotionally; not physically)?

I miss these people immensely. I think about them every single day, and I have dreams of seeing them again. In my dreams, they are crying and so am I. I just had a dream about one of the three people last night- hence why I am writing this. I wonder if I hurt them? Did they not care to see me go? Three years later, I have so many questions. Do they?

Have you ever been ghosted/ or ghosted someone?

14 thoughts on “Ghosting a Loved One

      1. That’s completely understandable. It’s most important that when you do it, you’re ready. But acknowledging these feelings first is the right step. Sending lots of love!

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      1. Yea, I do. But im afraid to act on it. I’m very fearful of rejection, and looking stupid. I think its best we aren’t friends anymore. The guilt is what is driving me crazy.


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