It’s over, so get over it.

How painful it is to reminisce on old times and memories, full of laughter and life, secrets and fun. To have cherished something so special, for a single moment, only to realize it’s over…so I really need to get over it.

This isn’t about a lover; it’s about friends.

I miss them with my whole heart, and think about them every single day. But it’s over. I need to get over it.

I have been told to reach out to them, and make amends. But I can’t. I am afraid of rejection. And to know it’ll never be the same as it was, why bother?

The truth is, I need to get over this for far more reasons than why I shouldn’t. It ended for a reason, and I need to remember that.

And in fact, these friends haven’t reached out to me. In fact, they have been silent the whole entire time the drama took place.

Maybe I need closure. Or, maybe I want the old time back.

But the latter is unrealistic. It will never be the same.

Friends are forever, boys are whatever. I think this saying is most definitely true; despite my situation.

As I sigh, deeply, I need to come to terms that it’s over, and I need to get over it.


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