Love doesn’t Quit; You do.

Today is a rainy day; no sun in sight. I’m at work, thinking about my life’s greatest qualities…

A stable job, plenty of money.

A nice house, plenty of space.

A reliable partner, full of love.

Pets, loyal and happy.

Family, loving and constant.

Sadly one quality shatters, almost all of the others are affected.

Life’s greatest qualities are driven by motivation, determination and work on anybody’s behalf–whether it’s yours, your care givers, your spouse, etc…

Why would anyone be motivated or determined to work for and maintain life’s greatest qualities? Well, because of love. Love of self or Love of another and Love of self.

Life’s most painful moments include…

Losing family; love yourself enough to fulfil the void in a healthful way.

Losing a pet; love yourself enough to find acceptance.

Losing a partner; love yourself enough to find yourself again.

Losing a house due to complications; love yourself enough to feel good about starting over.

A loss ofย  a job; love yourself to find another.

Love doesn’t quit. Love is a powerful emotion, and it will always be present, you just need to hold onto it.

photo of heart shaped balloon
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