The Yellow Room

The yellow room.


I’ve been aching to write something meaningful lately.

I think of probably a thousand different topics on a monthly basis- but I’ve never actually had that “YES” moment…until this morning.


Last night I had a very strange dream. in fact, I have been dreaming vivid dreams lately. I think this is because I recently moved into a new home, and maybe my subconscious mind is trying to tell me it’s haunted.


Just kidding.


But my dreams have felt extremely -not real- but believable.


Some years ago (maybe 2016), when I was Single, I had a dream I lived in a house. Although I never saw the actual shape and size of the house, I remember the colors. One color was yellow.

It was a yellow bathroom. I had a dream of a yellow bathroom. I remember exactly what the shower looked like: they call it a DreamLine (ironic much?) frameless Unidoor, in my own words, it looked like a tall standing shower–but instead of a clear glass door; it was a cloudy looking door. Inside the door, was a tall naked man…showering. & like most dreams, I couldn’t see clearly who it was inside the shower. But I do remember seeing a pair of little boy/girl shoes right next to the shower. I really want to say the shoes resembled a little boy, but I’m not entirely sure.

I will always remember this dream; I just can’t forget it. We all know that most dreams are forgettable.


Fast forward to 2020, I move into a new home with my significant other. I painted every room in the home. Guess what color I painted my bathroom? Yellow. And guess what kind of shower door I have? Yup, it’s a Dreamline!


I kind of find this dream fascinating. Simply because of how many coincidences I have found that connect my living life to my dreaming life.


Was the man I dreamed of in 2016 my significant other that I have today, in year 2020?

Was the yellow bathroom I dreamed of in 2016 the bathroom I painted in 2020?

Who do the shoes belong to?


Now I know there are such thing as coincidences, but this seems beyond that to me. If you don’t believe in dreams, that’s ok, you won’t change my opinion of them, but you’re certainly entitled to question me.


Have you ever had a dream that eventually turned into the real thing?


2 thoughts on “The Yellow Room

  1. I had a dream that I cannot believe did not turn into the real thing. When I was pregnant with my oldest, a boy, I had a very vivid dream about a little girl with red curls. Three children later, she has not materialized. I’m certain she is in my future though. She may be a grandchild is all I can figure at this point. Time will tell! 🙂

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