Rushing into something

Ever feel like you are rushing into something? Rushing to get home, rushing to get out the door, rushing to turn the page into a new chapter in your book called life?

The other day I realized that rushing into something only makes time go by faster. It doesn’t always mean happiness, neither.

Let me explain.

My boyfriend and I are looking to buy a new house soon. As you may have read in my previous post, Do you remember how your first home made you feel? I have indicated how small our current place is. So of course, we are looking for a bigger place. Unfortunately,  the current housing market kind of stinks. We can happily afford a decent size home just about 10,000 BELOW the average in our area, so…

We haven’t been successful.

It’s been stressful, because we know what we can afford and we want to live happily.

Could we budge and spend more money to rapidly increase the moving process? Sure. Do we want to be house broke our entire life? No. If we rush into moving into a new home that we cannot afford, we will be unhappy.

My message here is, don’t rush into things that will happen anyway. Let time take its course, and enjoy life a little more without the sense of rush.



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