Who’s in your support system?

“What do I write in my journal about?” I asked my therapist.

“Anything. Write about the window you’re looking out of. You can write about anything your mind thinks about. Sometimes big things come out of little things so be open minded.

It was a pleasure meeting you today. Keep an eye out in your email for today’s charge”

—end of my first therapy session ever—

Today, my therapist asked me who was in my support system. I remember I answered slowly, but honestly.

I realized I didn’t name everyone in my every day life that I care about; only a select few. Nonetheless the order I named them in probably summarized who might be contributing to the simple problems I face in my every day life.

I know order doesn’t matter. But what if it does? When you’re asked to name your three favorite ice cream flavors, aren’t you going to name your TOP flavor first?

Who’s in your support system?


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