11 thoughts on “Two important things to remember

  1. If they didn’t say, we will never know
    If we never knew, we will never rest or feel satisfied
    So simple 😊
    In 2019 there are million ways to stay in touch
    I still remember the SMSs, the letters, the international calls that are available only in very few places and expensive as well
    Nowadays Whatsapp, viber, Imo, Line, Tango, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, emails… and still we don’t have time to drop a single word
    Have a great weekend 😊

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    1. Hahaha I remember letters too. And yes international calls are super expensive. These days, I’m getting phone calls and text messages from abnormally long phone numbers and nobody is ever on the other end. It’s so weird. You make a very good point that we have all these forms of communication yet most of us lack the simple concept lol. So true. Thanks for your comment, Huguette. Always appreciated!! 🙂 ⭐️☺️

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      1. Oh no these are SPAM hahah this is different 🙂 don’t answer that! They steal your units / dollars
        Yes if someone wants to get in touch, they will, we are all waiting for each other’s
        Always a pleasure 🙂


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