A Woman’s Simple Freedom to be Beautiful

If you are a woman, then you should consider yourself charmed. I believe 99.9% of woman, myself included, are beautiful human beings, inside and out, flaws and all. We are strong willed, naturally personable, charming, and downright indestructible. If you don’t agree with me, you probably haven’t figured this out about yourself yet, or maybe you’re a serial killer?

I’d be lying if I said I’ve never gossiped about another woman. Most of us do it. Her hair, clothes, face, attitude, it’s all been talked about, yes. But- one word I try to refrain myself from using is the word ugly. Notice I said try.

Only in my soundest mind do I never use the word ugly to describe another woman; but I must admit, the only time I usually slip is when I’m losing my mind to the evil adjective named jealousy. That’s right, I said it. Jealousy. Jealousy is evil. It makes woman–even men do and say the craziest shit that we normally wouldn’t do or say.

Which brings me to discuss the second hand jealousy I sometimes feel from other woman when I look and feel my best.

I have a LOT of clothes, shoes, makeup, hair styling tools and hair products. Sounds like the normal girl, right? Well, I hope i’m normal! But strangely, I sometimes refrain myself from looking too pretty. Am I afraid of another woman being jealous of me? Am I afraid of being perceived as a stuck-up rich and fancy wannabe queen? I’m none of those things. But, these are real anxieties that I have and I wish I could remember the simple freedom I have to be beautiful. 

I’ll say it again. Women are beautiful, and most of the time we don’t need beauty enhancers for others to see this. The ugly truth is, some woman give other women subtle weakness, even without knowing it and that’s downright shameful.



5 thoughts on “A Woman’s Simple Freedom to be Beautiful

  1. Great article! I like your honesty about being jealous sometimes. Jealousy is a serious yet normal topic. We all feel jealousy, it’s human. However, we should know what to do about it. Use it as a push to be a better version of ourselves or to downgrade and hurt people to cover our insecurities.

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    1. Thank you Zahra! You’re right, we should know how to control our jealousy. I’ve realized my triggers because i only have a few that strike the jealousy nerve. I just need to learn how to fight it off without feeling insecure. Thanks for your insight 🙂

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