Here’s an idea…

Have you ever found yourself thinking of all sorts of ideas moments before you fall asleep? Such as what you’re going to cook for dinner tomorrow, or a text message you need to send in the morning, and maybe that little voice in your head whispered to you about not forgetting to take the hamburger meat out of the freezer. Did you remember to do those things in the morning?

Do your nighttime thoughts also include writing topics like mine do? Last night I thought of something REALLY good to write about. It was a super solid topic and I couldn’t wait to wake up and start. Well… morning time came and I FORGOT what I wanted to write about. I am so mad!

So, I thought of an idea…and this may only work for those who are lucid dreamers, or awaken easily.

Keep a notepad by your bed and write down ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that happens during the night. This include your AWESOME idea, or a crazy dream you want to remember. I also suggest writing down something silly each time you wake up during the night so that you can laugh at yourself in the morning. The more you do this, the easier it will be and ideally you will remember better!

Did you know there is science to back-up what I’m saying?

In 1920, the night before Easter Sunday, Otto Loewi woke up, seemingly possessed of an important idea. He wrote it down on a piece of paper and promptly returned to sleep. When he reawakened, he found that his scribbles were illegible. But fortunately, the next night, the idea returned. Almost a century later after Loewi’s fateful snoozes, many experiments have shown that sleep promotes creative problem-solving. –

Many experiments have shown that sleep promotes creative problem-solving and creative writing. Why not increase your chances of creating an inspirational post by simply jotting down an idea before you sleep?




14 thoughts on “Here’s an idea…

  1. I often do that. Make notes of the freezer stuff to get it out of the fret zone, then other times a story idea or twist or insight to a current character I do write down. My memory stinks anyway, so I need all the help I can get!

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    1. The phone works too! I personally find it much easier to grab my pen and write on my notepad. Especially in the middle of the night when I’m half asleep. I hate losing “sleep time” 😂. Thanks for your insight!! ☺️⭐️

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  2. It happens the entire time and I always say that feelings and ideas are like waves, they change constantly and we need to catch them when they come
    I remember one time I was so mad like you, I couldn’t remember an idea stroke me while I was trying to sleep and it was beautiful
    Now I wake up, I open my notes in my mobile and I write everything came to my mind wherever I am or whatever I’m doing
    My phone is full of notes! I prefer pen and paper and I have plenty of notebooks but when it’s dark better to use the phone and most ideas as you explained as it seems it was proven, strike when we are sleeping
    Enjoyed reading 👍🙂 do you have a name? (I’m sure you do but if you don’t mind share it 😁)

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    1. That is so true! Feelings definitely come and go. Especially when you’re trying not to lose your mind while searching for a topic to write about 🙄 lol. I can see how most people use their mobile phone. But my thing with that is, I’m half asleep so I doubt I’ll be able to unlock my phone in one try, and I’d want to avoid losing any sleep time. To me, it’s much easier to grab your pen and just write. But to each their own! In the daytime, I use my phone notes. My phone is full of notes also. Thanks for your input. My name is Jessie! 🙂

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      1. For me it’s not only about finding a topic, it’s about writing what I felt at certain moment…
        Yes each one is different that’s for sure 😊
        It was a pleasure and nice to know you Jessie 😊 mine is as per my site Huguette


  3. Very interesting idea, Blue. I saw it on Seinfeld, where Jerry wrote down a joke he thought of while sleeping, but he couldn’t understand his writing in the morning. So similar to the scientific example you mentioned.
    But I agree, sleep does help with problem-solving. Also, I’ve read that the subconscious mind is most active just before sleeping and just after waking up. Enjoyed reading your post! ☺️

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    1. Hey Ellen! That’s so funny! I can’t believe there was an episode on Seinfeld that closely resembles the article I referenced. That’s too cool. Happy to know this resonated with you. Sleep is a great thing! I just wish my brain would work at least half as good while I’m awake lol!


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