I bet you work with these people

Whether you work to live, or live to work, it’s the nature of the beast to feel worn out, overworked and downright jaded some days after work. Especially when you feel like you are carrying a team’s worth of work all by yourself.

Have you ever noticed some of your coworkers? I mean, really noticed them. I’ve been working for a little under a decade and I have seen a lot of different work styles. Some good, some not so good.

I understand we all hold different statuses and relationships, let alone experiences in the workplace. It may be logical to imagine lighter loads of work or “easy ways out” for those who are higher up. Although I’d hate to believe that statuses and relationships in the workplace define us, I do believe they shape us. In my opinion, they shape us to be a certain type of worker in the workplace. I also think some people temporarily stage a certain personality at work until their self-awareness kicks in to be better…or maybe they never change?

You may have stumbled across some or all of these types of people in the workplace…

The determined worker is the person who is always working on something or keeping busy.  They usually mind their own business and generally produce good work.

The one who pretends to look busy…need I say more?

The loner is the person who likes to be left alone. They work better as an individual. Maybe they keep their door closed most of the day, or they don’t talk to anyone a lot. They are good people with good work ethics, but they just simply keep to themselves.

The team player is the person who will come to you with new ideas or solutions. They want to work with you as a team and brainstorm ideas on how improve certain workflows. They talk with pretty much everyone and maintain decent work relationships with people. They are usually loud, and they love to initiate team spirit…especially at those company wide luncheons!

The copycat is the person who copies your ideas. Take it as a compliment! because these are the people who notice what you are doing and copy it. There may be instances when a copycat steals your work and claims it as their own.

The nice one says hi to you all the time. They may bring in donuts or coffee on Fridays. They always have a smile on their face and always seem “happy” to be at work.

The stuck up one is the one who thinks they know everything but is usually proven wrong. They don’t typically say hi to you or smile at you unless they know you really well.

The “go-to” worker is the one who is very knowledgeable. They are respected, and have no issues helping you.

The unreliable worker is the one who is lazy, makes a lot of mistakes, and doesn’t put their best effort in. They typically go to their boss anytime they have an issue they can’t handle by their self. They aren’t a bad worker, just an unreliable one.

The airhead worker has confused everyone because nobody is certain how the airhead got the job in the first place. They are forgetful and careless; yet their company is pleasant. They may or may not have a sense of humor. They aren’t very organized. The are not your go-to person.

The one who is making ends meet doesn’t really care to improve workflow or get cozy in their workspace. They could be someone who doesn’t stay in one job for long; or maybe they are at the end of their career and don’t really care.

The one who doesn’t like change usually doesn’t agree to new changes in policies or procedures. They try and persuade others that the old way is and always will be better…even when it’s not.


Did you think of your coworkers as you read through my list? Do you think status, relationships, and experience shape people in the workplace?


21 thoughts on “I bet you work with these people

    1. Oh no! That sucks. There’s got to be at least one person you connect with at work? I think if we had the choice, we all would rather work independently.

      I’ll check it out! Thank you! 😍💕⭐️

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      1. Let’s say that I’m just trying to do my work while I’m in the office and that’s it…not looking to connect with anyone here…work and then enjoy my life outside 😅😊
        My pleasure 🌸😊

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  1. well this is a very good list of employees and I met some of them not all, but the category I met the most are “bitches and narcissists” they are always right, they barely listen, misunderstanding is always on, it’s their way or there’s no better way, if the sun shines outside they find a way to take the credit, they never give you credit for your hard work, their work only matters and all the rest are just ornaments in the office 🙂 Hope you liked this category 🙂

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    1. Oh Huguette, thank you for your feedback. Bitches and narcissist exists in every workplace 😂😂 you’re so right about “their way or no way”. Those are the worst because even when you have a solid idea they don’t even consider it at all. I especially like how you used the world “ornaments” in the office. I guess those who mind their own business and don’t get in your way could be considered ornaments? 🤔 worklife is crazy! We are all pretty much pretend to like everyone hoping we don’t see them in public and nonetheless we all wish we could leave whenever we want and work on our own time 😂😂

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      1. My pleasure 🙂 and what I meant by ornaments, are how these bitches see and treat the other employees, they don’t respect their opinions and ideas, no certainly not the employees that mind their own business, it’s better to do so!
        Yes worklife is crazy and working for people is always waste of time and energy especially when you’re not appreciated so hopefully one day will be able to work on my own and be my own boss 🙂


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