Do you remember how your first home made you feel?

Laughter, happiness, sadness…anger. Our first home is filled with any and all emotions you can think of. If you can only imagine the thoughts I had the first time I saw our first home. It was like excitement mixed with distress. We were ready to take on the world with our own address. But little did we know the troubles behind our soon to be front door.

Five years ago he purchased our first mobile home in cash. Almost five grand later, he was a home owner. You may think five grand isn’t a lot, and I would agree with you. The livable state our home was in five years ago was inscrutable. An average person probably wouldn’t buy a piece of property like he did at 24 years old unless they were a real estate investor…or a handy man. I met him about three years later and made this home our first home.

He says the house was initially empty. Filled with nothing but sweat and bloody tears waiting to happen… along with big spiders and dust. He slept on the floor for months, and didn’t have heat…no furniture, nothing. He slowly revamped the space, until it was barely livable.

I moved in two years ago, and our home has come a long way in just a short time span. We have filled our walls with pictures, antique items, and portraits. We have built our own shelves, and wine racks. I sewed all of window curtains. I have produced vegetables in the backyard, and carefully maintain the life of our gentle flowers year round.

I remember moving in and seizing opportunity to make it my first home. I cleaned everything, floors up to the ceiling (including fans!). I started to decorate, and paint. I also brought in a few of my own furnishings. He started to slowly remodel every square inch of our home. I’ll be honest, I never really saw any major flaws with our home. But the way I look at our improvements now leads me to believe I am truly not hard to satisfy.

Our home has truly changed for the better.

Today, sorrow and fear sit with me as I watch him work himself to death fixing our home to sustain a comfortable living environment for the both of us. He regrets purchasing our first home due to the lack of personal space and the true tender loving care this place requires. I should mention we live in a small 1 bedroom 1 bath mobile home. It’s sort of like an apartment studio on wheels…which, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Honestly, he has a love hate relationship with our first home. The love far outweighs the hate and although it’s perfect for us, it may not be perfect for anyone else so it may be troubling for us to sell which makes $5,000 a lot of money that we may never see. Not to mention all the money we put into it afterwards.

At the end of the day, my first home is my first true treasure. I love the way our home has turned out. He has made it our home and I can feel it. ❤️. I found myself in this home and I certainly learned a lot about us in our first home.

4 thoughts on “Do you remember how your first home made you feel?

  1. What a great story. Your first home is like our first apartment. Small, cramped. We didn’t do nearly as many repairs as you had to…that does put stress on an already stressful time. But the good times will last with you long after you move to a bigger place. Make sure you take pictures of the place you call home…it makes wonderful memories!

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