Gravity is a b!tch

One of my favorite country star artists, Miranda Lambert, has a song called Gravity is a bitch. Her lyrics are phenomenal, they outline exactly what it’s like to get older.

Gravity on earth plays a lot of different roles. It keeps our bodies standing upright on the ground, it usually returns any object down when you throw it up, and most importantly, we use it unconsciously to attract the people in our lives. Gravity is a force that exists among all material objects in the universe and therefore we gravitate towards people physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Sometimes you find yourself attracting the wrong people. People who bring out the worst in you are never the ones you will find true happiness with. You may ask yourself “why is this happening to me”? and the answer is Gravity.

Gravity is sort of like time. Although we can’t touch it, we can watch it. We can watch ourselves in the mirror getting old; but know we are getting wiser. We can also watch who we are attracting in the world and the power behind that notion is that we can control who enters our special gravitational pull.

So stop looking in the mirror and picking your every flaw. You should be your best friend. Pay attention more to who’s around you.

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