Life & the balance of imperfectness

Imperfect, not. Swing your hair back and forth and smile.

How do you think about your life? Pure and simple as it is, life doesn’t think about us the way we want. If it did, all living things would be perfect. Obvious enough, life alone is imperfectly perfect. It is defined as a continuous movement preceding death. Does the idea of dying balance with the idea of living? We all have our own perspective on life and death. My perspective is that a flower is made up of thousands of cells that survive only under perfect conditions. However, even under perfect conditions will a beautiful flower eventually die.

Balance each one of life’s imperfections with perfections, and you may begin to see imperfections are beautiful.

11 thoughts on “Life & the balance of imperfectness

  1. This is so beautiful. I love the analogy of the flower! This makes me reflect on my week. I was focusing a lot in life’s imperfections and then began to focus on things that are going well in my life. Both can exist to balance out the other 💞

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