Forgiving me, constantly.

Have you ever found yourself reminiscing about a good time with someone who is in your average, everyday life, and then suddenly – BAM! It hits you out of nowhere. You inevitably think about a bad moment with them? Picture it more as an instant flashback memory of this person; not a recurring argument situation. I am talking about those everyday people who are in our lives for positive reasons, whom we love SO much and who love us just the same.

How often do you stop for a second and appreciate, I mean, really appreciate the fact that those who love us are constantly forgiving us?

Like any other woman, I have a few flaws. My skin is not flawless. My hair sits temporarily perfect with the help of the luxurious and expensive yet; oily and greasy hair products. My breath is not always minty fresh, my teeth will never be pure white, and not to mention- I don’t exactly maintain my eyebrows every day. Heck, I wear the same shitty bra for days, and I may go a month without doing laundry. I stare at myself in the mirror daily for several minutes wishing my nose were a tad smaller, or my hair were a little longer. I apologize for EVERYTHING that my brain considers wrong (thanks guilty conscious). Aside from my physical flaws, I’m impulsive—I scream, I yell, I throw, and I rage when I find it uncomforting to acknowledge in a single and pure moment that I feel misunderstood or unheard. You have seen every ounce of imperfection in me and yet, you still love me. You have the biggest and softest heart I have ever seen. You have forgiven me for all my bitter and insecure moments and all the unbearable nights we have experienced without my affection. I am clearly not perfect. But somehow, I am perfect for you. And I love that you love me. You truly love me because you constantly forgive me.


10 thoughts on “Forgiving me, constantly.

  1. I reposted this on my blog today. I think it is perfect for this Father’s Day weekend. Blue, you need to keep on writing. You have a gift. This blog certainly spoke to me!

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