He loves me but I’m selfish

Who wants to deal with a selfish person? A mean, obnoxious, and sometimes repulsive person. That’s who I am sometimes. I am all of these things and I have no problem admitting this. Surprisingly not, I proudly hold much higher characteristics that denote warmth and affection. Does he see more of the brighter side of my personality spectrum? I think to myself…hmm, I wonder if my attractive quality traits override the unattractive ones. More times than others, I wonder why does he deal with me.

There are many times I beat myself up for letting my self go. For bringing out personality traits I thought I could control.

A relationship is hard. It’s not just about me anymore. I cannot expect him to put aside his wants and needs, for mine. I can’t. It is just not realistic. So why am I so selfish? He loves me so much. Quite truthfully, I mirror his love, but harder. I can’t help it, I was born with the natural desire to love a man. The way he holds me, kisses me, and even the slightest touches- like arm brushes, head scratches, and ear kisses. These all mean so much to me. Yet I find myself exercising selfishness. He loves me so much …isn’t this enough?

10 thoughts on “He loves me but I’m selfish

  1. I think this is why I’ve been single for such a long time! LOL. I need to stop asking for me me me time. At times I try to be soo rational, but the person won’t budge either. It’s a two-way street. Then I go into crazy mode again.

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    1. Hey! You’re absolutely right! It is a two way street and i’m still learning this. Haha. Patience and understanding goes a long way for me. I just need to act on it more 😅


  2. I understand your feelings. It’s hard to be yourself when you want someone to want you. But trust me. The man who falls in love with you will love all of you — your fears, your beauty, your goals. You won’t need to feel selfish anymore…you’ll have what you want. And need. Just continue to be YOU.

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    1. Thank you Claudia 🙂 You always know what to say! My relationship is strong and healthy. I dont know why i worry so much. But hey, writing helps! Thanks for reading 🙂


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