Something to look back on

January was cold, bitter, restless and confusing. Two incompatible lovers went their separate ways; yet found themselves together again later on…only to split up again.

February was lonely, short and kind of boring. He came back…with a rose.

March was bitter-sweet; because I was on my way out of an old job and into a stable career!

April was inviting of spring fragrances and sneak-peak summer days. The door to my mother’s new place opened, and we furnished the new home with novelty!

May started off enjoyable but ended terribly. Birthdays don’t always equate to happiness…and friendships don’t always equate to forever. Oh, and the incompatible lover? Gone for good! Enough said.

Junewas a fresh start. A do-over. A chance to find myself again. And…I did.

July rolls around and I find someone else, too. I found a love. My sweet sweet love♥

August couldn’t come any sooner! I couldn’t wait to lay down under the sun on Siesta Key Beach in Florida. Spent a whopping 10 days in the Sunshine State with my Dad.

September‘s here and I found myself yearning for pumpkin spice iced coffees and crumble cakes. Never fails, does it?!

October was spent planning a family visit to New York with my lover– and finding more comfort in his home through my own special touches.

November, I share thanksgiving with my love, and we make Christmas wreaths. Cold nights spent snuggling on the couch watching movies and drinking wine. I start putting in job applications to be closer to home.

December invites my love for poinsettias! They’re everywhere! Shopping is being done and my mind is at war with what to purchase for my loved ones. Several returns have been made due to my indecisiveness. Snow has made an appearance twice, and so has the killer jack frost (insider).

2018–whatchya got for me?!

10 thoughts on “Something to look back on

  1. I like the way in which you chose to write about your year. It’s crazy sometimes to go back and glance over everything – the good and the bad. You start to see how every piece of your life somehow fits perfectly to create the finished picture of you. Keep writing! I like it!

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