Tears in her eyes

She’s confused, emotional,  insecure and feeling utterly pathetic. Her heart is protected by thick-skin yet through her own mental self-torturing shatters, she has finally found a weak spot.

After years of convincing herself, and others, that she can control what her friends call heartbreak, she has found it. She wonders how in the world she feels this way, when her relationship is nothing out of the ordinary: Two different souls with one simple purpose- Love.

He does everything for her. He cooks for her, cleans for her, and he loves her. He builds her everything she needs. He thinks about her constantly and she does the same. She loves him. She sees a future with him. She wants to be with him forever. At times, he isn’t perfect for her. She expects too much and that just isn’t realistic. But her relationship is perfect. Little time is spent apart, and little time is spent together. They are always within 6 degrees of each other.

She’s confused, emotional, insecure and feeling utterly pathetic about herself. But how? Her positivity is still alive because she’s happy, she’s loved, and she’s taken care of. She’s got tears in her eyes because she’s got a good partner and although she can take her own pain, the war she’s at with herself could inflict on her lover. She cries more to the realization that he is perfect for her; as opposed to when he is isn’t perfect for her.


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