Another day in paradise

Currently away in paradise right now, one thousand miles away from home; but yet I am home. I am resting my head under a roof that belongs to the keeper of many of my childhood memories…my father. It’s a new life here for him, it’s a life he has adjusted to over the last few years and it’s surely a life I’ve had to adapt to as well. 

I hope you can imagine what I mean when I say that. To state it purely, I’m a child of divorce; except, I’m not a child anymore. I’m a young adult who has experienced a few years without my father, and learning to accept the difficult obstacles it requires and has required to overcome the several challenges I have faced without having a father figure to lean on for help. But…this is how I grow stronger, wiser, and I gain more self-consciousness about how extremely important it is for a daughter,son– for a child–…to have both a thriving mother and a thriving father in one household operating as a loving family. I get it…families aren’t perfect. But in a nearly perfect world, I believe that concept holds true. 

Anyways, I’m here in paradise taking advantage of every minute and every day I have to kick back, resonate with my father, and take home all the memories. It has come to my attention just how much me and my dad have in common. It’s unbelievable, really. I look back at all the pictures I’ve taken with him, and I tear up a little bit just because I know that time is limited. Time goes by so fast, it really does  and it’s frightening to think that some day I’m not going to have him anymore. That’s the way life is though…

I’m having a great time and I appreciate my family so much. It’s so important to love each and every one of your family members, especially your immediate family. I’m going to be blantanly honest here… my dad and I have been through a lot, it’s almost like we were enemies at one point. But times have changed. We have changed. I have changed. And although my dad can be a a little unorthodox… he’s still my dad. He still provides for me, and respects me. People never really change…not unless they want to. And well, if they don’t want to, we have to accept it. 

It’s back to the original grind starting next Tuesday. Back to work, where people who don’t really care about me will ask how I am doing and I’ll answer “hey not too bad, just another day in paradise”…🙂

23 thoughts on “Another day in paradise

  1. One of my favorite pharmacist in the hospital where I work frequently use that phrase when I asked her how is she doing: “just another day in paradise.” 🙂 A nuclear family is very important to children. However sometimes, parents have to part ways – and the most affected by this separation are the kids. 😦 😦 The wonderful part of your story is you turned out to be the best version of yourself – a well rounded young adult that is truly loving to her parents.


  2. You are very wise to realize how time is limited with our family. When I was younger, I naively thought the opposite about my parents. Thought they were so healthy, they’d for sure live until their 90s. My father has had cancer for the past 3 years. He’s still doing well though, but I know my time with him is very limited. So important to cherish what we have! I’m trying so hard to cherish all the moments I have with him especially while he’s still doing relatively well considering. And my mom too! Getting up there. It’s life.


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    1. Hey! Thanks so much! I loved reading your comment. As a kid (between ages 7-14) I thought the same thing you did. I thought my parents were healthy, and were going to live forever. It’s usually not until we hit our mid 20’s-30’s we start to realize time is limited with our parents. They really are only with us for the first 50 years of our life…if we are lucky. I am sorry about your father. He seems to be carrying on strong. He must be thriving for you. I am sure you are taking care of him. Thanks again, and take care 🙂

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