How love suddenly disappears

I spent hours tossing and turning, glancing over at your side of the bed to see if you were awake. You were. I felt the space between us, I knew something wasn’t right. I could literally feel the distance between us, as if our hearts were pulling away from each other.

I pretended to be asleep, and I waited patiently for your hands to smooth their way up my back. Just like they always do…

Suddenly I found myself opening my eyes, as if I just had a epiphany in my sleep. I quickly realized it is still within the dead hours of the night. I couldn’t have been asleep for long.

I woke up again, but this time to the sun beaming through the blinds. My body is aching from a sleepless night and I can barely open my eyes. The sun is so bright. I looked over, and you were gone…

Your toothbrush…was gone.

via Daily Prompt: Toothbrush


9 thoughts on “How love suddenly disappears

    1. I knew you’d like this! Haha. Thanks 🙂 It’s fictional, but I had to find a way to use the word Toothbrush (Daily Prompt) lol. This has happened to me though, just not to the extent I wrote about it. Thanks again

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