Russian Roulette with the Heart

There you are, right there. Sitting down, looking over at him. Wondering about this imagined life between you and him. You see a home sitting on acres of clean cut green grass, there’s a pool with crystal clean water with a diving board surrounded by trees with fall-colored leaves, you see kids running around with an equal mix of both his and your DNA. You imagine your daughter with his dark hair and thick eyebrows, your green eyes but with his smiling twinkle. You think about taking road trips and walking on the beach together. It all looks so perfect, it almost feels like it can become a reality.

I snap back out of it and realize what life I am living right now. I think about where I’ve been, who I’ve been with, and how far I’ve come.

Dating is very similar to the game of Russian Roulette. Depends how you look at it, of course. Imagine it like this: You have one heart, and you test it each time you date someone new. If you’re unlucky, your heart gets broken, leaving you very vulnerable and almost unwilling to try giving your heart away again. Some people never do, or refuse to give love another shot for a very long time. It’s as if their heart has died, and it cannot be revived. Makes you wonder how many times can a human being go through a heartbreak before becoming permantely damaged. Emotionally speaking, heartbreaks kill…they kill our excitement, our self-esteem, and this idea that life is beautiful.

But then someone else comes a long…and they change our perception of love to a more positive conception. They lead the way to happiness, and we’re right behind them. It’s yet another game of Russian Roulette. Will the relationship survive?

If you have chemistry with someone…don’t deny it. Don’t deny your feelings. Don’t let the past control your future. The difference between dating and Russian Roulette (theoretically speaking) is that you never pull a trigger. So does the heart really break?




18 thoughts on “Russian Roulette with the Heart

  1. I agree and love your poem. What’s the worst that can happen? If you have a broken heart it’s because you loved first. That’s all. Wish him well and move on. Karma does come around, and what you give you will eventually get back.

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    1. Claudia you’re exactly right!! Wish him well and move on. It DOES get easier. Some people just refuse to try. But life is beautiful! We should love as much as we can! Thanks for reading 🙂


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