To love her…

I said: Take your time with me. Show me who you are and what you can do. Display your affection, your admiration, your respects…and demonstrate to me the early love you feel. It’s only just the beginning. Show me what you know and…don’t rush; take your time.Β 

Under sudden circumstances, opportunity has come and introduced a sensible love affair. It holds potential, and the chemistry is strikingly obvious. I’m craving to learn more– to experiment with the fiery exchanges of intimacy and then later relive pieces of the moment through sudden flashbacks. The type of flashbacks that appear randomly–when your mind temporarily drifts into a subconscious and vulnerable state–you can see the scene vivdly for about two seconds and it’s then followed by a sudden shiver that rushes down your spine.

But see– if I allow myself to invest in anything less than true love, I may face the emotional consequences. The thing is, I need to be understood. I need to be respected, cared for, and protected by a partner. Β Ultimately, the challenge I face is love. Love is a job. It takes work. It doesn’t come easy. I won’t give in easy. I want to take on this new opportunity and savor it. I want to learn anything and everything beforehand, and I need to know I can trust. I cannot and will not fall into the trap of lust.

This is the most important time right now. This is new, fresh, and easy. But it’s going to get harder. Along this journey, I will become greatly susceptible. My makeup will eventually come off. My hair will get wet, & ultimately rest undone. I will eventually show emotions other than contentness. It will soon be obvious I’m not perfect, and some of my personal secrets will be known. Inevitably, some -if not all- of my regretful vices will be discovered.

Over time, he will start to learn about me and that’s exactly how to love me.

21 thoughts on “To love her…

  1. I’m glad to read this new development. Taking the natural path is always better than the one in our minds. I wish you lots of strength as you reveal yourself.

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    1. Oh yes! Isn’t that the truth. Our mind has a funny way of manipulating things–and turning thoughts into a fantasy or fairytale world. We should remain in tact with reality. It’s ok for our minds to drift every now and again…but when it comes to love we should be thinking long-term, not short. At least, I think so. Thanks for the encouragement! I always appreciate your kind words.

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    1. I know that’s right. I have so many flaws I manage to hide throughout the day…but when the sun goes down, the makeup comes off and so does my shield. Lol. It’s a scary thought.


  2. And remember you can take all the advice u can get but when it comes to your relationship…only you and your partner will know what is best for yall. πŸ™‚

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  3. Sometimes you will never know if you can trust until you do trust. Always be yourself in love. Leave no surprises to be found out later on. Be guarded but not overly guarded 😊❀

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  4. Loved this ❀️ so raw and hits me right in the feels. I have been in a ….Complex relationship and allowing myself to take off that make up and show my flaws too – such vulnerability and strength. I look forward to hearing more πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

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    1. Thank you. It really isn’t easy, right? Especially being in a relationship that is so new. Good luck with your relationship, I hope you reach a level of comfort soon. It’ll take me a while. But, it’ll come for both of us :). Patience is key!


      1. It is horrrribly tough! Thank you so much for your kind words, thank you. Good luck to you and your loved one and yes! We will get there, we are very worthy of that – just need a little patience like you said ❀ I look forward to hearing more πŸ™‚


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