Teachers or parents: Who do we count on?

I distinctly remember several of my school teachers smelling like crisp coffee bean and I could never forget reaching for the mints, made by Life Savers, sitting in a round and white porcelain bowl on their desk top. The way they all dressed: shirt tucked into a pair of sleek slacks, blouse puffed out just enough to look comfortable. Black belt strap, with a shiny metallic belt buckle. The way they all stood up in front of the class, glancing over 20-25 students; all of the different faces, colors, trends, and attitudes of students who are expected to retain all of the information provided.


Teachers must relate to their students and they must present the material in a way that can be understood. It certainly takes a strong and promising skill-set to teach.  Teachers spend hours upon hours communicating ideas and exchanging intellect dialogue with their students. The bond between a teacher and student is intangible, and although it cannot be seen, it can be practiced, and is therefore merely a portrayal of life-long affiliation. If we are taught well enough, we remember our teachers forever.

But let’s think a little simpler. Our parents, for example, epitomize almost the exact qualities of a school teacher.

It’s never just one lesson we are taught by our parents; we are all taught many and sometimes, the message conveyed to us is concealed until we are fully capable of reading in-between the lines. Which varies with our age. It makes sense that our parents accommodate our wrong-doings with age appropriate techniques.f57abac1528bd9064f9905f9534fa876--sweet-tattoos-cute-tattoos

Inevitably, we are walking representations of all the lessons we were once faced with growing up. We are what we make of it. Over time, our comprehension improves and we are faced with selecting an occupation that aligns with what we know.


All the Doctors, Nurses, Technology experts, Business Analysts, etc… How did they all get there? Our parents? Maybe…but I’m convinced our school teachers have more power to turn your life around and they are truly the ones who spark your general interest in life. Essentially,  our parents shape our understanding of existence and our teachers shape our academic perspective. No doubt, both teachers and parents support our decision making capabilities (theoretically) but who gets the credit? I also believe both teachers and parents strongly impact the way we are perceived as a generation.

Who do we count on to sustain a positive difference in this spinning and complicated world?




10 thoughts on “Teachers or parents: Who do we count on?

  1. I find this debate very interesting and has been one I have had many times during my progress into teaching courses. I believe both play important roles for different learning!!
    I love you blog and I’m new here btw xx

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  2. Most learning is not the result of instruction. It is rather the result of unhampered participation in a meaningful setting and whosoever provides this environment in a child’s life deserves to be counted.


  3. Growing up, I was always considered a math nerd; I love numbers! As such, I figured I would go to school for accounting… that was until I took my first accounting class and received a C. I understood the lessons, but the teacher was horrible at explaining things. He was one of the types that you can tell are very smart in their field, but can’t explain things very well. Because of this, I changed majors to Business Administration. My whole life changed because of one not-so-great teacher.

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    1. Very interesting! Teachers also must hold a certain skill set. When you say he isn’t very good at explaining things. This is why you switched majors. Interesting how their power is so great, they can completely change our idea of a certain subject, or for this case, a particular business major. Your life changed and who’s to “blame”? It always goes back to teachers. Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed reading that 🙂💙

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  4. Good one👌👌..its true both have an important role..parents have been our teachers since day one..they help us to differentiate between right and wrong and even teachers ,not only help us with lessons in our books but even with the lessons of life..

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    1. Thank you! Teachers have so much power over us. They are the ones who guide us, and lead us to where we want to go. If we are lucky, we find teachers who truly care about our goals and make sure we achieve them academically, which then, our parents can watch us graduate. Knowledge is power! Thank you so much for reading.

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