Birth Control and Grandma 

Saturday evening spent well in Atlantic City, NJ at the casino.

I’m here visiting my grandma, watching her gamble.  She has no problem spending money to gamble. And neither do I. She lives well and she has self control. The bright side is her loyal patronage pays off when the luxurious hotel rewards her with complementary stay.

We just finished dinner at the buffet. Eh, food was ok. Not much selection.

As we were waiting for our waitress to take our drink orders, grandma, who is sitting directly across from me, pulls out a small white rectangular sized container with just one pill in sight. Mind you, it’s a pill to control her overactive thyroid.  She looks directly at me and says, “Can’t forget to take my birth control”

I just smiled. Looking at her and just appreciating her humor, her looks, wisdom, her sparkling eyes. Eyes that have seen so many things. Her hands, which have touched so many people.

I am so grateful to have her and to be able to share this weekend with her. Although I don’t see her nearly enough, this connection we have built over the past 10 years is one I’ll always appreciate. See when I was younger, I never really talked to my grandma and it was simply because she lived over 1,000 miles away. I was also young and in my own world worried about no one but myself and my friends. But inevitably, we grow up and start to appreciate our family more. Unfortunately our family grows up, too.

Spend time with your loved ones. Appreciate them 💕

13 thoughts on “Birth Control and Grandma 

  1. A beautiful tribute for a lovely woman and Grandma, Settia. We are a time-honored grateful BIG family, and I’ve had the incredible honor to be around and part of some spectacular aunts, cousins, and grandmas myself. I can truly appreciate your fondness for her.

    I love her youthful (sexy?) sense of humor! Hahaha 😛


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