Rainy days are sunny days

There’s something about the sound of the tiny droplets hitting the tree leaves on the way down to the ground.


Listening to the rain smacking the downspouts outside.

It enables me to ignore the chaos in my hectic mind, and reflect on the peace I’ve been trying so hard to find.

Strangely I see the unfound sun when it rains. I look behind the darkest clouds, and find the sun. It’s there. It just takes a little rain to notice it.

rainy day


7 thoughts on “Rainy days are sunny days

    1. OMG! I read your about me and we both wrote that we hate talking about ourselves. Girl I promise I will show your blog some love tonight. I am at work hahahaha. I am loving your comments though! We are blogging soul mates LOL.

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  1. The rain can have a magic effect at times! Question: how do you display the ‘Published by Blue Settia” section just underneath your post? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Indeed it does!
      Ya know, I’m not too sure how that section appears. However, when I went into Themes>Customize> Content Options> Author Bio> Display on Single Posts & I checked the box. I am assuming that is how to do it. I know all themes are different, and so the settings may not all be the same. But I would check your Theme Settings. That’s my best guess. Let me know!

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  2. I love the rain! Growing up, we had this huge covered porch on our old farm house and we would sit on it and watch the storms come in from the safety of the shelter. It’s one thing that I still really love to do!


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