Notes on an iPhone: It’s not meant to be

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Sometimes, I just want to reach out to you. To see if you’re still there. To contradict these feelings of loneliness when I don’t hear from you.

Are you still interested in me? Don’t you think about me? We were just kissing last week.

The reality is, you are still there, but you aren’t where I want you to be. I want you with me, I want to feel again with you. I want to feel cared about, and loved, only by you.

Follow my heart, they say. But I lay here, without you, and my heart tells me to reach out to you and ask why?

But my mind…yes, of course the great mind inside my head stops me. It tells me to fight the feelings. To be strong. To move on. Simply; yet tough…to move on.

And so, I’m trying. Day by day, it’s getting better and the urge to reach out is growing weak. I am completely and honestly aware this will never work out for the best in the long run.

We are simply, not meant to be. 

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